Bircher Muesli

Yay, new food blog!

Recently I’ve been trying to cut down on the amount of carbs I eat. It hasn’t been too difficult cutting carbs out of lunch and dinner, but when it comes to breakfast, I tend to crave something sweet (read: scones and French toast). For a while I tried having omelette for breakfast, which was yummy, but left me feeling somewhat unfulfilled. Then I stumbled upon a compromise: Bircher Muesli.


The beauty of Bircher Muesli is you can add whatever the hell you want to it. The most basic Bircher Muesli recipe contains:

-Plain yogurt

-Grated green apples

-Oatmeal (I add just enough oatmeal to give the yogurt a bit of texture. If I wasn’t cutting back on carbs, I’d add enough so that a spoon left in the muesli will take a looong time to fall.)

-A slosh of apple or orange juice (Again, I minimized the amount of juice I put into this week’s muesli, because juice is fucking wolf in sheep’s clothing when it comes to carbs.)


I was lucky enough to find fresh pomegranates at the market today, so this week’s muesli is filled with pom seeds, along with a bit of raisins (yea yea, I know raisins are loaded with sugar. Bite me.) and toasted almonds and walnuts. It wasn’t until I’d mixed the walnuts up with the almonds that I remembered something crucial: I hate walnuts. How the hell did I forget that? Oooh well. Apparently they’re good for you, so mkay walnuts, you get a pass this time.


Yusss, breakfast.


2 thoughts on “Bircher Muesli

  1. Congrats on your new food blog! We also just started a couple months ago. Love muesli. Carbs be damned!

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