Quickie Post: Homemade Guac on Fried Egg

*Note: This recipe has been stamped with the Slhuang Seal of Approval. BOOYAH.

Hm, I feel like I need to come up with more creative post titles, but never mind. . . this is probably the easiest recipe I’ve posted here. I’m kinda hesitating posting it because it’s so easy to do it’ll make me look duh. But whatever, it’s so effing delicious there is no excuse to not make it. (I’m looking at yew, slhuang!)



– 1 avocado, mushed-up

– 1/2 lime, juiced

– 3 cherry tomatoes, diced

– a small handful of cilantro, diced

– scallions (as much as you like), sliced

– 1 egg

– salt and pepper


1. Mix everything except the egg up. Divide guac into two piles.

2. Put a non-stick frying pan on medium heat. When pan is hot, crack the egg and immediately turn heat down to low.

3. Season egg with salt and pepper. Snack on one guac pile while you wait for the egg to cook. I like my yolk runny. . . which means by the time I finish the guac pile I set aside, the egg’s usually good to go.

002Yea. . . this was scarfed down in a very unladylike manner. And since it’s a cloudy Sunday afternoon, I am curling up on the couch with a well-loved Pratchett book and a mug of Chai tea and dozing off. . . hope you guys are having a good weekend!

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38 thoughts on “Quickie Post: Homemade Guac on Fried Egg

  1. grabyourfork says:

    lol i love that you’ve included a snack guac in there!

  2. kkellie says:

    I love guac and I love yew so it’s win-win, Putster. I’m making it next time we get avacados. HEY, do you know I’m growing an avocado tree in my living room? No shit, one day I was making guacamole and I thought, You know what? I’m gonna see if I can grow this pit. So I went outside and dug a hole with a spoon πŸ™‚ and stuck the pit in there, and covered it up with dirt and watered it.

    Then I forgot all about it. A few weeks later I remembered it so I went out there with a spoon πŸ™‚ and dug it up, thinking I was gonna see this mushy thing and by cracky, guess what I saw?? The damn thing was still intact and there was a ROOT growing out of it. So I got a planter thingie and put dirt in there, and stuck the pit in there, covered it up and brought it in. OH, did that because it’s Michigan, you know. Winter and all that.

    Anyhoo, we have a nice bay window, faces West, gets that good afternoon sunshine, kind of. There’s a maple tree. . . but I digress. I put the planter in the bay window and watered it whenever I remembered (I’m a horrible person who gives her poor plants sporadic care.) To make a long story longer, that darn thing sprouted, and then it started growning. Straight up. This spindly stalk with leaves popping out at the top. Got a foot tall, two feet. THREE. I got a bigger pot and it’s in that one now. It’s up to the ceiling and kind of split off into two, one going left and one going right. What am I going to do with this thing, Putputt? It’s really a tree, I’m not kidding.


    • putputteats says:

      Wuuuuut, I am so jelly! I totally want an avocado tree kk! How cool is that!! Can you replant it in your garden or something?

      • kkellie says:

        You are jelly? Oh man, don’t be jelly, Putster!!! I could replant it in my garden and come winter the thing would DIE, right? So somebody said, bring it to a botanical garden place but they don’t want orphans, orphans are baaaaaaad, orphans carry diseeeeeeaaaaase.

        Poo. I don’t like botanical gardens any more.


        • putputteats says:

          It would die? Why??

          *Can you tell I know nothing about gardening?*

          On Mon, Aug 5, 2013 at 12:50 PM, putputt eats

          • kkellie says:

            Because it can get really frickin’ cold in Michigan in winter. SNOW. And avocadoes, I found out, don’t like Michigan. I take that back, they don’t like Detroit.

            I take it back. Everybody’s bashing Detroit lately, why not Herkimer? That’s my avocado’s name, btw. So anyhoo, I do know there’s a kind of avocado that’s ‘hardy,’ able to withstand temps down to 18 degrees F, which is 7.7 degrees C, just for you, Putputt. But I don’t know what kind of avocado Herkimer is, so. . . Any other questions for me? I’m on a roll today. πŸ™‚

  3. kkellie says:

    I am gringing. I mean cringing. I shoulda checked for typos, dammit. πŸ™‚

  4. slhuang says:

    OMG I haz a shoutout! And a recipe I might actually be able to make! And it has ALL THE THINGS I LOVE! (Seriously, I would live on avocados if I could.)

    Okay, Putputt, challenge accepted, I will get the ingredients for this the next time I shop. Right now I have . . . eggs.

    I will let you know how it goes. If you don’t hear from me ever again I burned my house down. (Although I made pasta today ALL BY MYSELF. I boiled the water and everything! I was pretty effing proud, I can tell ya.)

    • putputteats says:

      Haha, yaaay! I love avocadoes too. I like smearing whatever’s left in the avocado shell on my face and then jumping out at Mike. πŸ˜€

      So like, what did you have with the pasta? Or did you just…boil it…and um…eat it with salt and pepper, because I totally did not do that when I was addicted to WoW…

      • slhuang says:

        I boiled it and PUT SAUCE ON IT. REAL SPAGHETTI SAUCE out of a REAL JAR. Like a fucking grown-up, mothafuckers.

        Yeah, I think I deserve applause for that. Or a medal. Or a trophy. OR TWO TROPHIES.

          • slhuang says:

            Thank yew, thank yew! ::polishes fingernails on shirt::

            Hey, guess who went to the grocery store tonight! (Sort of by accident . . . I was driving a slightly sauced friend . . . to the grocery store . . . long story.) But I was super excited about going because I said, “Hey, guess who’s going to get the ingredients for Putputt’s guacamole!” And I went around the produce section picking up all these strange green things like someone who actually knows how to COOK, and it felt pretty great, I can tell ya. I could just imagine the cashier looking at my basket and thinking, “This person is a CHEF because OMG, FUCKING CILANTRO. This customer succeeds at life!”

            It remains to be seen whether I can make it. But I’m excited.

  5. shashimcharles says:

    I have been craving eggs this summer – and even though I have had them with avocados, I have never tried them with guac!
    Lovely idea! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Shashi @ http://runninsrilankan.com

  6. Bridge ogre says:

    Avocados suck ass.

  7. Quick says:

    i hear good things about deviled eggs done with guac in place of mayo. Especially if the guac is made with tomatillos.

    Just sayin…..goes great with Coors Light and ‘possum

  8. slhuang says:

    Putputt! Putputt! I MADE A THING!

    Photographic proof!!! And I swear I didn’t pay someone to do it for me!

    It was DELICIOUS . . . not as pretty as yours but I didn’t care because TASTY. I think you need a new tag, btw: “Easy enough for slhuang to make” (or, yanno, “easy,” I just think everything’s about me).

  9. […] This post is dedicated to a certain discussion on a certain person’s blog.Β  That certain person dared me to demonstrate “How To Kill People With [Insert Fruit Here].” […]

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