A Breakfast Burrito in LA + Berkeley Eats

I feel like I need to come up with more creative titles for my blog posts. But then how would anyone know what the post is about without reading it? Or maybe that’s the point.

Um. I have no idea what I’m rambling about.

This is more of a catch-up post than anything, because we are now back in Oxford. *gloom* On a happier note, before we drove up to Norcal, we stopped by at Andy’s Coffee Shop in Pasadena for a breakfast burrito. We chose to split this baby, and hooo boy, were we glad we did. It doesn’t look that huge in the picture, but in real life it was about as wide as my bicep. (Which is really big, btw. Like, Stallone-big.)


Filled with egg, cheese, sausage, bacon, and hash, this burrito was pretty friggin’ delicious. Halfway through my share, I moaned about being done. I set the burrito down and sipped my coffee (which was excellent, btw). Then I picked it back up. Snuck a nibble. Mmm, gooey cheese. Put it back down. Poked at it. Picked it back up and took a bigger nibble. And so on and so forth, until, for shame, I finished it. That one burrito was enough to fill us up for the duration of our drive to Norcal, which is somewhat scary, come to think about it.

Mike’s always yammered on and on about wanting to do “American stuff”, which is kind of a broad term. So far, I’ve managed to fulfill just one American dream: stuff our faces with ridiculously large portions of everything. But this time, I went all out. I got a friend to take us to a shooting range…

Yay, pretty targets!

Yay, pretty targets!

Me loading the revolver like a pro. Okay, not really. My hands were somewhat trembly and I was convinced the bullets would spontaneously combust and blow my hands off.

Me loading the revolver like a pro. Okay, not really. My hands were somewhat trembly and I was convinced the bullets would spontaneously combust and blow my hands off.

And as though that wasn’t American enough, I got us tickets to see a Cal Bears game. The morning after we arrived at Norcal, four of us headed for Berkeley.

Berkeley’s where I did my undergrad. Sometimes I miss those times so much I could choke a bear. It’s also the place where I gained like 20 lbs. (You’ll soon see why.)

First stop: Cheeseboard Pizza.


Cheeseboard is pretty much an institution. Whenever anyone slams vegetarian food, I prove them wrong by stuffing a slice of Cheeseboard pizza in their mouths. I love that CP only serves one type of pizza per day, depending on what veg are in season. It forces me to try combinations I would otherwise never bother trying. Some combos I prefer more than others, but I’ve never had a bad pizza from CP.


After Cheeseboard, we headed closer to campus, where we stopped by at Smart Alec’s for sandwiches and fries. Smart Alec’s is a pretty basic college student eatery. Its portions are large enough so most of their dishes can be spread over three meals. Their chowders are thick enough to withstand the standing-spoon test, but what I missed most from Smart Alec’s are the garlic fries. They’re “air-baked”, which I guess means they’re a teensy bit healthier than their deep-fried counterparts, but they’re also really soft and garlicky. Like my meats and my friends, I like my fries submissive and slightly soggy.

After that, we had enough food for a while, so we went around campus reminiscing and blowing money on Cal paraphernalia. Then we went to every Cal student’s favorite midnight snack haunt: Asian Ghetto. The beauty of Asian Ghetto is the free seating in the central space, which means everyone can get food from wherever the hell they want before congregating at one table. I went for an old favorite: Kimchi fried noodles with shrimp from Bear’s Ramen House.


Spicy, gooey, slightly sweet. . . with a perfectly-fried egg on top. . .there is nothing better than this at 2 a.m. after a hard night of partying studying.

Then it was off to the game. . .


Where we lost miserably, so the end. >:-[

*cries into pillow at the memory*


16 thoughts on “A Breakfast Burrito in LA + Berkeley Eats

  1. Your pics makes me very HUNGRY!!!!! Have a great day! πŸ™‚
    ( its lunch time here now! )

  2. Helen says:

    Omg the burrito looks awesome! Gonna try and make it when i get back!

  3. That food! I really need to hop on over to the states some time. Everything looks so delicious.

  4. rhchatlien says:

    That burrito looks deadly delicious! (popped over here from the AW blog thread–great teaser title over there)

  5. slhuang says:

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE Cheeseboard!!!

    (It amuses me that the one place I’ve been in these two posts is in Berkeley rather than LA.)

  6. kkellie says:

    One day, Putster, I shall travel westward. Again. I spent a week in San Diego. Ate at a place called, Ding How or, Dim Sum or . . . poo. I can’t remember. But it was so, so good. One day I shall return to the sunshine state or is the golden state or state of ill repute? No, wait, it was only that when you guys were all there.

    I take it back. I shall not resort to petty jealousy. πŸ™‚

    One day I shall drive north along the coast, and maybe slip east a bit, to Berkeley or Pasadena. I’ll look on a map! I won’t eat until I find all those places, then I’ll pig out and think of my little Putster. . .

    Welcome home to you, I know it’s gloomy but surely there’s a ray of sunshine beaming down on you.

    xo kk

    • Putputt says:

      It’s been years since I went to SD. I was a kid then, and my parents took me to Sea World and I was all, OOOHH I WANNA RIDE THE FUCKING WHALE.

      Anywho, don’t be jealous! You were there in spirit. As in, we all bitched about you the whole time. πŸ˜€

  7. kkellie says:

    I feel so loved.


  8. buzhidao says:

    Every so often I think to myself, WHAT IS PUTPUTT EATING RIGHT NAO, and I come here and look, and I have no idea, cause your blog is a desolate heckhole. :p GAWWWWD

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